About Us

LonnieSunshine Ministries was founded in 1903 as a soup kitchen and homeless shelter. Today the ministry continues to offer shelter to homeless men in St. Louis, but we are so much more!

Our services now include addiction recovery programs for men as well as outreach to the women and youth in our inner-city neighborhood.

All of our programs are designed to provide training and opportunities in which men, women and children can learn to be responsible, productive, self-supporting individuals with a healthy self-image of who God created them to be and how He has equipped them to live a purposeful life.

Our Focus

The focus of the ministry’s outreach is on the quality rather than the quantity of the services provided. With a desire to help those who truly want to help themselves, our goal is to offer a hand up rather than a hand out to those we serve.

The work of Sunshine Ministries is made possible by many faithful donors who want to share in our mission of transforming lives and awakening hope in the hearts of the neediest amongst us.

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