Planned Giving

Including Sunshine Ministries in your estate planning is an excellent way to leave a legacy of healing, help and hope for the homeless and needy of St. Louis.

Benefits of Planned Giving

In addition to helping Sunshine Ministries and those we serve, Planned Giving has the potential to significantly benefit donors. Potential benefits include:

  • Tax Benefits – Planned gifts can reduce estate tax liability if you have a taxable estate or, in certain cases, qualify as an income tax deduction.
  • Greater Flexibility – Few of us are able to give as much as we would like to our favorite charities during our lifetime. A planned gift, however, can include real estate or investments that are currently producing needed income.
  • Increased Impact – Planned gifts often play a big part in helping a charitable organization make improvements or capital expenditures that enlarge the scope of the organization’s work for many years to come.

 Planned Giving Options

There are many different ways to make a planned gift to Sunshine Ministries. Three of the most popular options are listed below. Of course, you should always consult your attorney or tax advisor before you finalize or change your estate plans.

  • Bequest in Will – An arrangement in which a donor establishes a dollar amount or a percentage of his or her estate or trust which will go to Sunshine Ministries upon their death.
  • Gift of Appreciated Securities – A donor may stipulate in his or her will that certain securities shall be donated to Sunshine Ministries at their death. Donors who do this avoid capital gains tax and receive the deduction of the full value of the securities donated.
  • Gift of Life Insurance – As with gifts of appreciated securities, a donor may make a gift of life insurance benefits and receive substantial income tax savings.

For More Information

To contact us for more information about these or other Planned Giving options, please call 314-231-8209 and ask for the development department.