Addiction Recovery


Graduation day offers each man a new beginning!

For men who are ready to change their lives, Sunshine Ministries offers a 13-month Resident Program to help them recover from substance abuse and past failures, and equip them for a productive, God-honoring future.

The men arrive at the mission facility each day to participate in a rigorous program schedule including:

  • A self-paced adult education program that allows the men to improve their reading, writing and math skills or prepare to take the GED test
  • Behavioral, spiritual and personal counseling
  • Life-skills classes that teach basic skills for independent living
  • A Christian 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program
  • Daily work details that train the men to have a good work ethic
  • Computer literacy training
  • Career Employment Services which include testing, classes and personal tutoring that equips students to find and keep a job
  • Spiritual development activities such as Bible studies and church
Ronnie GED

The men can earn their GED while in the Resident Program.

Man in LC

The residents further their education and learn new computer skills to prepare for a rewarding job.


The residents learn to be good neighbors while living at Hickory House.

At the end of the day, the men return to their residence in a quiet, safe neighborhood in South St. Louis. Living together in the house provides an opportunity for them to learn to be good team players and practice healthy interpersonal skills. They also learn to be good neighbors by being responsible for caring for the home and the property.

Graduate with Family

The Resident program focuses on healing broken relationships and reuniting families.