Youth Services

School GirlSunshine Ministries’ outreach to at-risk youth began in 1997. After striving for decades to help adult men overcome years of irresponsible behavior and substance abuse, it became more and more obvious that we needed to focus on young people and help them avoid poor life choices and equip them to live a life of personal responsibility. We have learned that, as Frederick Douglass said, “it is easier to mold a child than to mend an adult.”

Achieving God-Given Potential

Every baby is created by God with potential. Our challenge is to help each child recognize their special gifts and talents and achieve that God-given potential.

All of our youth programs are designed to give each child the personal attention, love and acceptance that is needed to build a healthy self-image and promote the education and life skills necessary to succeed in life.

The youth programs include:

two-boysTeen Boys