GraduateSunshine Ministries’ mission is to provide healing from the past, help for the present and hope for the future. There is no greater opportunity to provide hope for the future than through our year-round Sunshine School Preschool Program.

This program serves 2-5 year old children who are being raised in poverty conditions. Their families struggle daily to provide adequate food, clothing and shelter for them.

Sunshine School offers these children an early childhood experience that empowers them to reach their full God-given potential by providing strong academic skills while instilling a life-long love for learning and strong moral character.

In our beautiful and well-equipped Youth Center, these little ones enjoy an atmosphere of unconditional love and lots of personal attention. Each day is filled with endless opportunities to grow mentally, socially, spiritually and physically. And each day ends with a hug and a treasure-trove of wonderful childhood memories that will last a lifetime!

Dress up

Sunshine is a safe place to learn to use your imagination and just have fun!

Sunshine Saturdays

K is fof Keith

K is for Keith! The children spend time each day in Learning Center.

Frog Girl

The children learn about the life cycle of a frog as they visit the classroom “pond.”


The children present the Christmas story for their parents.