Summer Camp

Boy Swimming

Children who have never been in a pool before can learn to swim.

Located on 80 beautifully-wooded acres on a great boating lake, Eagle Lodge is the perfect place to give our Sunshine kids a memorable summer camping experience!

The focus of each camp is to provide a time for these at-risk youth to escape their dangerous neighborhoods and have the opportunity to run and play and “just be kids.” They can build wonderful childhood memories that will last forever and visualize a life beyond the confines of the inner city environment.

Every elementary age child can attend one of three 3-week camp sessions. After being transported from our downtown Youth & Family center each morning, they jump out of the vans into a full day of fun activities. The morning includes organized games, arts and crafts, Bible study, and small group sharing times. After a nutritious lunch and a short rest time in the air conditioned lodge, the afternoon starts with a special event like a Mexican Fiesta or a cowboy carnival in the barn and ends with everyone’s favorite activity . . . swimming!

The camp experience is by far the best opportunity we have to impact the lives of our school age youth. The beautiful, safe and caring environment allows them to let down their guard and open their hearts to absorb the love and instruction shared by their “big buddy” counselors. Although Eagle Lodge is only a one-hour drive from the inner city of St. Louis, for these kids it seems like a whole different world . . . a world filled with hope and vision for a rewarding life.

The “Big Buddies” make the camping experience very special for each child.

The “Big Buddies” make the camping experience very special for each child.

Group Swimming

The favorite camp activity is swimming.

The goals and objectives of our camps include:

  • Provide a structured and safe environment
  • Provide caring and trained counselors to be “big buddies” to the children
  • Offer Biblical teaching and training that has practical application to the child’s culture and life
  • Teach the children manners and social skills through modeling and practice
  • Provide new experiences such as swimming, boating, and fishing
  • Provide “tough love” and discipline that leads to character development and personal responsibility
  • Equip each child with the life skills needed to survive their childhood in an inner city neighborhood and avoid the gang and drug activity that surrounds them
  • Fill their little hearts and minds with special memories that will last a life time
  • Help each child realize their own potential and cast a vision for what they can be and accomplish

Yippee! It’s Cowboy Barnival Day!


The lake at Eagle Lodge provides an opportunity for the kids to boat and fish.

Baseball Boy

Batter up!

Eagle Lodge - Summer Camp

Eagle Lodge offers the children a beautiful rural environment to escape the inner city and just have fun.

Mexican Fiesta Girl

Ole! We get tacos for lunch on Mexican Fiesta Day.

Eagle Lodge