Teen Club

Teen Boy's Camp

The teen boys think camp is “cool.”

In 2007 Sunshine Ministries transformed a local drug house into a “cool” Clubhouse and safe-haven for at-risk teens. To help keep these young people off the streets and away from the gangs, it is essential to offer them a healthy alternative that will meet their needs – security, love and acceptance.

The Teen Club Programs are designed to:

  • offer the kids a safe place to meet,
  • provide caring staff who can help and encourage them to make wise life choices,
  • encourage them to succeed and stay in school,
  • teach them to avoid drugs, alcohol and any addictions that will destroy their lives,
  • and help them plan for a future of personal responsibility, achievement and healthy self-esteem.

Teens meet after school and on the weekends during the school year.  And with good attendance and participation, they earn the right to go to overnight summer camp at Eagle Lodge.

Ezekiel’s Story

Teen Boy and Mom

Georgia knows that Sunshine’s Teen Program is a safe and caring place for her son to learn and grow up.

Ezekiel Rivers has been a part of Sunshine Ministries’ Youth Programs for more than 10 years. Today he is a straight “A” high school student and is still active in the Teen Club Program. “I really like going to Sunshine and playing games with my friends,” he shares. “It’s a great place to come and grow up!” Ezekiel’s mom, Georgia, has been in the C.A.R.E. Program since Ezekiel was a toddler. She appreciates the help she has received from Sunshine as she has struggled to raise her three children alone. “Sunshine Ministries has been so good to me and my kids,” she says. “We all love being a part of the Sunshine family.”


“Welcome to our Teen Clubhouse!”

Teen Playing Video

The teens have fun playing games in the Clubhouse.