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From The Desk Of Carol Clarkson 

Dear Friends of Sunshine Ministries,

          For the last few months we have all been challenged by adversity. We’ve had to learn to sanitize every inch of our world, wear our face masks hanging off of one ear so we don’t forget to put it on in public, and stand side-by-side with our arms extended (wearing latex gloves of course) to be sure we are social distancing.

          But even in the midst of these difficult times, we have also learned and experienced many good things. These are things that we have always known, but in the context of the pandemic they have taken on a new depth of meaning and understanding.


          We have experienced intense caring. Now when we ask someone, “How are you doing?” we REALLY mean it! We actually stop and wait for an answer and are anxious to listen and hopefully hear that they and their loved ones are safe and well.


          We have experienced a new level of

compassion. Perhaps for the first time, many

people have experienced the fear of what

tomorrow will bring. They are asking, “Where

will I get my next meal?” “Will I be able to pay

the rent?” “How can I protect my children

from harm?” These are all questions that the

people we serve at Sunshine Ministries ask

themselves every single day . . . even when

there isn’t a threat of a deadly virus. We have

walked in their shoes and are better equipped

to serve them with sincere empathy and



          And we have also experienced a heightened awareness of the need for community. Signs are popping up all over town reminding us, “We’re all in this together.” The men, women and children we serve have turned to us to meet their physical needs, but now more than ever, they need us to encourage them by sharing God’s messages and promises of healing, help and hope.

         Roy T. Bennett, an inspirational author, has said, “Every adversity contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.”


          So as we look forward to the summer months, we are taking this opportunity to plan some exciting new outreach events for our men and our families. With plenty of space for social distancing, we will use Eagle Lodge, our beautiful camp and retreat center in Foristell, Missouri, to offer special times for them to escape their heavy burdens, renew their strength in the Lord and just have fun while growing closer together as a caring community.


We may still be standing six feet apart, but we will be closer than ever. 





Carol Clarkson

Executive Director

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