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                The Sunshine Preschool program focuses on school readiness by equipping 3 to 5 year olds with the necessary cognitive skills to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. But more importantly, our goal is to instill in each child a life-long love of learning! 

                The spiritual emphasis of the program introduces the children to moral values and offers them the opportunity to discover their God-given potential. 

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                Whether they are discovering all of the animals that live on a farm or in the jungle, learning the life cycle of a frog, or memorizing all of the names of the planets and dinosaurs . . . the world around them becomes real and exciting as they explore God's amazing creation. 

                Each day is full of fun activities that promote creativity and imagination as well as teaching motor and social skills. 

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                The curriculum of Sunshine Preschool allows the children to learn through play as they develop their social, emotional and language skills, but pre-academic skills are also important for their cognitive development and to help them succeed throughout their future school years.

                The children are introduced to the structure and routine of "real school" as they meet in the Learning Center each day to learn their ABC's and 123's.


Special events, field trips and holiday celebrations add to the excitement of going to school each day and building fun memories for a lifetime.

Graduation day marks the end of Preschool as well as the beginning of the rest of their school days. Experiencing the joy of personal success early in life prepares the kids for a life of achievement. 

What do you want to do when you grow up? The kids at Sunshine School learn that they have great potential to follow their dreams and do anything that they want to do! 

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